Specialized services by industry

In a highly competitive business environment, industry-specific solutions and services can give you a competitive edge. Freightflare agents provide specialized services that cater to the needs of your business, whatever they may be.

Building materials

The building industry requires exceptional services to move often at large distances. Let us be your expert partner for transport planning, loading and unloading of raw materials, building materials (cement, clay, gravel), construction elements and concrete parts.

Textile & apparel

Fashion logistics presents its own unique challenges. We serve all needs regarding textile, apparel and other finished goods transport. Whether you need to meet a fixed delivery day or any tight timeline, we can handle your logistics with vehicles adapted to transport textile products and the best options to deliver them.

Dangerous goods

Transport of dangerous goods (solids, liquids or gases) requires the highest standard of service. We offer cost effective solutions as well as proven security according to the ADR agreements, along with drivers trained to carry hazardous substances, the right vehicles to get the job done and a fast response.

Refrigerated transport

We can deliver first-class refrigerated freight transportation worldwide through an extensive logistics network with the flexibility to transport and store goods of any size at a controlled temperature. Our fleets of refrigerated trucks and vans ensure we deliver your goods to their final destination fresh and safe.

Heavy lifts

No shipment is too big or too bulky for Freightflare agents to handle. Having worked on many such transportation projects over the years, we have amassed a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise that we are keen to put to good use to help you. We find the exact combination of the various modes of transport.


We provide a full range of transport services for the automotive industry, including vehicles and parts delivery. Our shipping services for car manufacturers are fast, safe, reliable and available worldwide from our network of cargo agents at affordable rates. Using a trusted service makes things a lot easier!

Food & perishables

All perishable items have specific requirements for packaging and transportation. With years of experience, our team has developed customized solutions to suit your needs by air, sea and land freight. They provide your cargo not just with proper transport and storage requirements, but also a temperature range control.

Fragile goods

For many years we have been responsible for carrying fragile items and for delivering at destination in one piece. Whether you need to transport glass, china, antiques, mirrors, artwork or other fragile goods, you can choose the exact level of service to ensure that items are protected from damage with strict standards.

Urgent transport

Are you looking for a reliable partner for urgent transport? Our local team and network partners offer an extensive range of impressive logistics solutions with worldwide shipping of express shipments in order to make sure that your urgent transport is delivered fast and on time around the world. Benefit from our expertise and global reach.

Pharmaceutical/ Healthcare

To ensure the integrity and quality of sensitive, high value goods, we provide a level of service that is more than simply just transporting your pharmaceutical and healthcare products to its final destination. We listen to your needs to provide a transport solution that totally fulfills your requirements.

Large projects

If you are planning to launch a project that requires large transport services and you are looking for quality partners to support it, think on Freightflare agents.

If you are planning to launch a project that requires large transport services and you are looking for quality partners to support it, think on Freightflare agents.