Discover all the benefits of our freight services

Integrated point to point international freight services that cover the shipping, transport, storage and logistics, as well as other special needs (controlled temperature, picking, customs dealing, etc.).


Affordable airfreight services that allow to send goods anywhere in the shortest time possible.

Our agents dispose of premises near International Airports terminals, as well as perceptive agreements with major airlines.

Sea freight

We offer the best sea freight service to any port in the world and for any type of goods. As well as, other additional services such as; customs, storage, handling, distribution, insurances, etc. with the aim of avoiding worries for you.

Road freight

Most complete range of road transport services in the modality that better adjusts to your needs: full load, groupage, express transport and special transport. We can assure delivery to any destination, combining if necessary with other modes of transport, to collect and deliver the goods at destination.


Storage services with the efficiency and competitive cost that your activity requires.

Our agents sum up more than 1M square metres of warehouses in the best locations in each area, to guarantee an adequate response to your storage needs for any type and volume of goods worldwide.

Customs brokerage

Assure that your shipments pass from one country or economical area to another without difficulties, and always fulfullingĀ the legislation in force in each place.

Our agents are highly specialized professionals, with a profound knowledge of the Customs normative and administrative rules.

Breakbulk cargo

With years of experience in shipping break bulk and oversized cargo, you can trust our agents for handling your special cargo, heavy lift cargo or oversized cargo which cannot fit inside a standard container.

We also count on the necessary equipment to meet your shipping needs, containers, trailers, open tops, flat racks, flat bed, tanks, refrigerated equipment, etc.

What are you shipping?

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Global Logistics Support.

Optimise your supply chain.

Freightflare agents provide global logistics support to help you to design or better the chain supply of your business. With our help, you will be able to identify the transport option, storage, inverse logistics, etc. that are better adapted for your business, as well as the price level and adequate services.

We can also help you with any questions relative to world commerce or the legal standard regarding import/export, thanks to the ample knowledge of the different markets that the more than 10,000 professionals of our network agents have.

Other specialized freight services

Are your needs so particular that no service can adapt to them?

We tailor make a project.


Do you need someone to look out for the interests of your business?

We send supervisors to inspect, for example, the goods before shipment.


Is your sector especially demanding as regards standards or safety measures?

We look for the correct solution with the support of experts.